“Cloud Bandwagon” is the Hottest Trend in Tech – Wait That’s Web 2.0

I love how the bandwagon of cloud computing it hitting on all time high. Everyone is about the cloud even AT&T.  Today AT&T announced it is joining the Cloud Bandwangon. AT&T said Tuesday that it will offer cloud computing services via a new service dubbed AT&T Synaptic Hosting. AT&T is just the latest company to join the cloud computing game. Everyone from traditional IT giants like HP and IBM to Amazon and Google have cloud computing services catering to companies ranging from enterprise giants to startups.

The category of the “Cloud” is the new branding or categorically sector for all the big infrastructure players. Cloud computing is the new category that we’ll all keep score on who is the best vendor.

Why is cloud computing such a hit for these companies? It’s because it spans multiple sectors – enterprise datacenter, web services, consumer, virtualization, security. It’s sort of a convergence between intranets, DMZ, extranet, and outside web all in one.

It’s a land grab and yet it’s so unknown. It’s a marketing dream for a big vendor to say ‘we own the cloud’.

My take: it can’t be owned. Lock-in is harder in today climate. Old lock in tactics don’t work in today’s infrastructure.

What are the new lock-in tactics? We’ll be covering all the cloud computing trends on BroadDev.com (my new blog on cloud computing among other topics).

Right now Google, VMWare, and Amazon are putting on a clinic in the cloud area. Everyone else is an also ran.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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