Yahoo is Falling Apart – Please Clean House Before You Slip Away

As Yahoo twists in the “corporate governance” wind (Kara Swisher has all the latest details at ATD), the company is falling apart.   Yahoo is a sad story these days – it’s slipping away.  People are leaving left and right.  However the real problems are two fold:  1) the wrong people are leaving and 2) public brand perception is plummeting.

On the people side it’s not the executives leaving that a problem – hell half the execs need to go.  The issue at hand is good ‘workers’ and “teams” of talent are leaving.  Why?  It’s easier to take a team out and start a new company or work for another company.  All the stars are continuing to leave.   A source from inside Yahoo recently told me that the only work getting done is powerpoint slides.  In fact my source said “the way to survive and get promoted at Yahoo is to master the “powerpoint” presentation. ”

On the user and marketplace side the fact is it’s not cool to use Yahoo anymore.  I guess that Yahoo will own the market or franchise on the 60-something user market market – the people who have been locked into all Yahoo’s Web 1.0 stickiness tactics.  Yahoo needs to do things differently.

I am a big fan of Yahoo and what it has meant to the progress of the Web, but it’s time to clean house.  I mean really clean house.  Get “mavericks” who can look beyond powerpoints and deliver product value.

Yahoo is slipping away.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

3 thoughts on “Yahoo is Falling Apart – Please Clean House Before You Slip Away”

  1. Bravos, John. Your take is spot-on. Yahoo! needs to start thinking and doing things different rather than chasing their present agenda of getting better. This will require hiring on the talent needed to drive the game-changing innovation that will upset and disrupt the Yahoo! status quo. As Dee Hock once said it’s not getting new ideas into your mind that’s difficult, it’s getting the old ideas out.

  2. Yahoo! is between a rock and hard place. On one hand, Yahoo! needs to roll out new and upgraded features (such as Ajax-based mail and maps) and they are doing that. But, on the other hand, Yahoo! has had real problems with the reliability and stability of their service which seems to be totally falling apart so that speaks to keeping a lot of things the same and trying to make Yahoo! something that can be relied upon.

    I’m not sure that there is really anything that they can do. They are stuck on the downside of the curve; they benefited from the upside during the 90’s but they’re just aging. New services simply don’t have to contend with managing a zillion other features which have a zillion moving parts.

  3. Yahoo’s recent move is a good sign in the right direction. Getting rid of the search overhead to Microsoft is a great thing. It will focus Yahoo to deliver value. Search has turned into a completely different feature from the original roots of Yahoo’s first product.

    I’m bullish on Yahoo. They have way to many users to f’up the main product.

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