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Android is Centerpiece of the Google Equation for the Edge August 16, 2008

Posted by John in Technology.
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Talk about bleeding edge. Google Android might just be the software platform for developers. Venturebeat has a great post – actually Eric’s story trumps the NYTimes story imho.

I posted on Broadband Developments blog (BroadDev.com) my views on how I see these kinds of strategic efforts killing the Unified Communications vendors effort to win the platform.

More importantly is the advances in software that Google is developing. It is being architected as an operating system for sure. Google’s core asset is the distributed datacenters that power search and then new edge devices. All Google needs is it’s own communications backbone.


1. billso - August 17, 2008

“trumpes” = trumps?

2. John Furrier - August 17, 2008

thanks fixed it

3. smedley420 - August 18, 2008

google rolls some serious bud

4. John Furrier - August 18, 2008

smed, no that is not true…google grows their own bud.

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