Microsoft Photosynth – Microsoft Labs Has Some Stuff Going On

Microsoft is showing Photosynth – collaboration project out of their Labs.  Photosynth was a born of a collaboration between Microsoft and the University of Washington, based on the groundbreaking research of Noah Snavely (UW), Steve Seitz (UW),and Richard Szeliski (Microsoft Research).

Photosynth can assemble three-dimensional scene compositions of rooms or landscapes by detecting similarities in photographs, adding perspective based on the camera’s vantage point.

While Microsoft is excited about the technology, it says that Photosynth is available as a preview release of sorts, adding that there are many features and platforms it has yet to support.

Microsoft has always pumped money into R&D.  Every big company has R&D but what they do with it is telling.  With this announcement it shows that Microsoft is not afraid to put new stuff out fast.  I like that.  I remember when I worked at HP the HP labs had a ton of great stuff but executive management was afraid to let their people run with projects in the market.  In fact HP coinvented the Web – that’s a bit of trivia that not alot of people know about. HP dismissed the Internet in 94-95 even thought an HP Labs computer scientist coinvented the web (HTML) with Tim Berners Lee.  I hung out with the the W3C when they moved to Cambridge in 1995.  HP Labs missed the boat on taking advantage that their R&D money went into making the web happen.

Go Microsoft show us some of the other stuff you have working.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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