Don’t Kill the Panda – Pandora Must Live

I love Pandora and their innovative platform, but that isn’t why it must survive.  If Pandora gets killed by policy red tape then we will have witnessed death of innovation.

The latest saga of Pandora is an indictment of our Internet policy and the role of an innovation society.  From the financial arbitrage to meltdown of our financial system to the shackles of Sarbanes Oxly, we are living in the ANTI-INNOVATION era.  Entrepreneurship and innovation are being punished by demonstrating a disruptive nature.  This disruptive characteristic is what build the entrepreneurship system here in the US and now abroad. We would not have seen successes such as Home Depot, Microsoft, Google, among others if innovation was killed so early.

This mindset of protecting incumbent non-innovators has to stop.  Pandora is a good thing for the music industry and more importantly great for users.

Pandora is a the latest victim in the “killing fields” called innovation.  It’s not Pandora specifically but instead what Pandora represents.

Free market entrepreneurship should be a theme for government officials and for this election.  Look at the mess that we are in with the financial markets. The silver bullet to get back on track – entrepreneurship.

Enough said

Pandora is a platform that shows great promise not just for music but for other applications.  Killing it is killing innovation.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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