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Startup Advice – Sell Sell Sell – Hire People Who Can Sell October 10, 2008

Posted by John in Technology.

There are posts all over the place over the VC memos to their startups. I wrote yesterday explaining my view of the Silicon Valley situation that it isn’t cratering. The fact is startups are hard. I’ve been doing early stage (zero stage) startups for 10 years (with a family as well) and I can tell you that doing a startup isn’t easy (Dave McClure has it right listen to his candid point of view). However the key to success (as in life) is product and sales with an emphasis of sales. Even thought I have a computer science degree the biggest skill that I learned in my career was sales. Early in my sales career at HP over 18 years ago I thought selling was easy – well it isn’t.

My advice to startups: sell, sell, sell – get sales in the door. Find people who can sell. I’m not talking about sales reps but everyone from the receptionist to developers. In scarce capital markets nothing is finer than revenue. As the old saying goes “you can’t go out of business with money in the bank”.

If you’re a startup who wants to underwrite you’re future success – get selling.

Sales Motivation Video

Sales Revenue Video


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