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Future Ad Model Reveals Itself – Self Service Display – In the darkest hour the future online advertising business model has shown itself October 13, 2008

Posted by John in Technology.

Self service advertising is the killer app. Brian Morrissey at Adweek just penned the future of online advertising. I’ll say it here and years I predict I will be referencing this blog post.

I’m calling it – Self Service Display Advertising is the new scalable model for online advertising – the heir apparent to search and keyword marketing. It will range from Podcasting insertions to social networks.

I’ve been researching this notion of a vertical engine for matching affinity data to user context for two years. The results: everything points to self service display. Content is the ad and the complexity that Brian refers to will be handled by the advertisers – sort of vertical engine of advertising – best of contextual and behaviorial targetting rolled into one model.

This is the future model that Facebook will adopt for monetization – everything else that they (Facebook) says is a smoke screen. Even worse if this isn’t on Facebook’s roadmap then they better move fast.

In the darkest hour the future online advertising business model has shown itself (again just like in 2000) . It will be a race to see who can build it first at scale.


1. a - October 13, 2008

I believe MediaForge is doing this to scale already

2. Jimmy Nassier - October 13, 2008

looking at mediaforge it doesn’t look like they are at scale?

John, what do you think about mediaforge

3. John Furrier - October 13, 2008

I don’t see mediaforge at scale. Scale is term of revenue is the key. Widgets get zillions of views but no one is making money because they have the model backward.

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