No Dan – Look At Me – Ding Ding Kara Gets The “First Award”

Dan Lyons takes a shot at Kara Swisher not once but twice. I often break many scoops here at and we all know embargos are irrelevant in the blogosphere. So with great interest I watch the spat regarding the sourcing of Kara Swisher’s scoop. She jumps early posts first and runs it to the finish in style. Kudos to Kara.

Jumping the gun is fun to watch especially as being “first” post matters. I see traffic logs that show that being first clearly spikes traffic.

However, in my post I credited Mike Arrington with the story because Mike has a following on twitter that is big, and based upon a tweet I saw on twitter it was clear that in that medium Mike was first. That being said Kara actually was first. In the era of “first comment’ and ‘alpha blogging’ being the first matters.

Therefore, this blog being the arbiter of ‘all things tech blogosphere’, I award Kara the ‘first’ award.

Judgement finds Kara “first”. Mike Arrington gets honorable mention for being first on twitter.

“Live Long and Link Often”

In that spirit of “Live Long and Link Often” – here is Kara Swisher with the “First” post of insider views at Yahoo on who will be the replacement for Jerry Yang.

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