Viral Campaign A Success – Thank You For Sending Palo Alto Knights To Compete For National Championship

I posted last week a request to help raise some money to send the Palo Alto Knights to Florida to compete for the National championship for the 8th grade All American division. The cause get 1k friends to put in $10. Well it was more like 100 but we got the funds. Thanks.

On behalf of the Palo Alto Knights and the players, I offer my sincere thanks and gratitude for all the generous donations to the Palo Alto Knights. Because of the support from around the USA from SoCal to NYC to Flordia we raised enough. Our community both here and online is better because there are enlightened people like the list below who recognize that we all enrich the lives of young men when we have high-quality experiences worthy of the promise and talent of our student-athletes like the boys from the Palo Alto Knights.

One of the many things that I most admire about the generous support from the individuals who donated is that they care not only about their communities, but also extend their support to the boys.

I (we) appreciate your contributions and will work hard to bring back some hardware in the form of a national championship – THANKS TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED THIS CAUSE

Here is the list of generous donors (some requested to remain anonymous)

Bill Campbell
Michelle De Marta
Kent Ryling
Steve Sincheck
Craig Laughton
John Bara
Jim Ida
Valenti Family
Furrier Family
Todd Laurence
Keith Teare
Miike Arrington
IdaRose Sylvester
Wayne Carrington
Drive Thru Designs, Inc.
Colin Jenkins
Stephen Gilberg
Ron Pereira
Apostolos Galanis
Andrea Roesch
Bruce Moore,
Jeffrey Frick
Deva Santiago
Makai Bikes
Mark Martella
Cyrille Vinvin D Du Saillant
Akshay Dodeja
Kenneth Wilson
Stephanie Agresta
Kent Reyling
John Galatea
Christopher D’Urso
Michael Gray
John Roche
Lara Kulpa
Thomas Chamberlain
Unique Blog Designs, LLC
Jon Callaghan
Jane E Quigley
Art Takeshita
Kevin Palmer
Brian Norgard
Jim Dye
Jay Cuthrell Consulting
Vincent Ferrari
Elizabeth Libbey
Jennifer Williams
David Johnson – Graphical Groupware
Brian O’Shaughnessy
Glenn Manishin
Shervin Pishevar
Stan Drobac
Joe Schertler
Jeff Karnes
Veronique S Christensen
Kara Swisher
Ken Novak
Heidi Roizen
George Kelly
Loren Feldman – 1938 Media
C.C. Chapman
Julie Farris, Inc.
David Hornik
Edward Lambert
Nicole Adams
Tomas Foremski
Kai Drekmeier
Guillaume Dumortier
Ali Rahimi
John Zeisler
Patrick f Mahoney

There were some individuals who went above and beyond to spread the ‘social media’ word – Nicole Adams, Loren Feldman,

Thanks to everyone – What a bunch of classy individuals. I’ll be posting here on my blog and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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