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What Pisses You Off About Blogs – The List January 27, 2009

Posted by John in Technology.

I am launching a new blog next month and I really wanted to get a pulse from the twittersphere on what pisses them off about blogs.  I put out a tweet today about what pisses people off about blogs – the responses poured in so I thought I’d keep the list here.

I will use the comments to document the things that piss you off about blogs:  could be anything – My goal is to incorporate this feedback into my own blog.  Extra points for funny useful comments.

Go comment away – What features of blogs do you hate?


1. Don Van Doren - January 27, 2009

Omitting linkbacks to other articles, blogs, etc. referenced in the blog and key to understanding the issues.

I’ll have more… this one just came up this morning. Don

2. elidet - January 28, 2009

Lack of structure!

Great blogs are written in a way where you can skim the article and want to read it, which includes proper spacing and when necessary, outlines and bold fonts.

I also agree with what Don Van Doren said. Linkbacks are great and needed in order to be able to read the blog and be able to put it in proper context.

@elidet on twitter

3. @visualrhetor - January 28, 2009

I dislike anything about blogs. I love blogs. Here’s the main thing I dislike about bloggers:

– Neglecting to date posts. Hate it hate it hate it. Chronology is a significant aspect of relevance, and if you’re trying to hide the fact that post you wrote 2 years ago is not longer relevant, you’re doing it wrong!😉

4. Elidet - January 28, 2009

I forgot to mention:

I also hate it when blogs have a black or transparent background.

And grammar! And typos! I am surprised at the many blogs who blog with typos.


5. John Furrier - January 28, 2009

Elidet: Like this blog on wordpress.com; I am the worst at grammar and spelling mistakes because he I haven’t focused much on posting. I sit down and post and move on. In my new blog I’ll be reviewing all the post… and will have a new design🙂

6. Serena - January 28, 2009

Not being able to contact the writer. I realize bloggers get spam mail but comments are not really a two way conversation on most blogs.

Not being able to easily add them to my RSS feed reader. Why hide this?

Only linking to the same 10 friends. Bring in information from sites I don’t know about!

Not using a document reader such as docstoc’s free embed service. I don’t have MS office on my PC. If you make me open a document, I can’t read it. However, if you upload it for free on Docstoc, etc. you can then just embed the reader on your site

Not including other information sources on your site. Are you the writer on friendfeed or twitter. Let me know so I can follow you more closely

Oh I could go on and on. Thanks for the opportunity!

7. mlstotts - January 29, 2009

great blogs distill information into knowledge and provide insight that that is actionable – (e.g. read the top 5 social media books on Amazon and tell me what’s useful; then prove it by citing a successful real world application that generated a tangible and replicable benefit).

otherwise put it on twitter or some other digital dustbin

8. TapannemnTofe - February 15, 2009

Your site does not correctly work in safari browser

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