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Silicon Valley Exec Mike Homer Died Sunday – The Lost Conversation February 2, 2009

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Kara Swisher has a classy post that pays tribute to Mike Homer.   Mike died in his home on Sunday of a rare, neurodegenerative “prion” disease, which in Homer’s case has occurred sporadically rather than via infection (the well-known variant that occurs in animals is called mad cow disease), CJD’s incidence is one case in a million annually, and few survive beyond a year after exhibiting symptoms.

Mike Homer was a straight talking tech executive who didn’t mix words.  A few years ago before Mike was diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Bud Colligan and Mike Boich went to see Mike to record a podcast on innovation and Silicon Valley.  It would be one of the last times Mike would be in his normal ‘call it like he sees it’ mood.  That podcast was never posted due to a hard disk error.  From the description from Bud Colligan of that podcast it was a memorable conversation.  I wish that we all could have heard that podcast.  I’m sure his voice will carry on in the stories that he created here in Silicon Valley.

Homer is survived by his wife, Kristina, and three young children: James, Jack and Lucy.

His funeral is at Saint Raymond’s Catholic Church in Menlo Park on Thursday.


1. Wedding Pianist - November 17, 2010

No doubt still sadly missed by his wife and children. God bless

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