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Crowdsourcing Promo for Valentines Day From SearchMe.com – Good But Why Would Anybody Want to See Britney Spears Anymore? February 4, 2009

Posted by John in Technology.
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My friends Randy Adams and Nicole Adams over as Searchme.com are running a\”Share the Love\”
contest where the first prize is an all expense paid trip for two to
see Britney Spears in LA if you create the \”most romantic\” playlist
from their music search. Although it escapes me why anyone would ever
want to see Britney try to make a come back for the third time, the
Searchme Stack playlist idea is really cool.

Here are some that I just put together – I obviously need help and more time but it’s helpful if I could just grab a list from the crowd.

Maybe the crowd can work for us here. I’m terrible at picking out “love songs” for valentines day.

Go check it out at:



1. BEaN - February 7, 2009

Answer this Valentines quiz to find out your perfect Valentine’s gift HAPPY VALENTINES!!

2. Cortney Omeara - August 15, 2010

You know i really admire Britney she is one of my fans really coz she’s a good singer…..

3. Sharell Stallworth - August 17, 2010

I mean i love britney I am one of her fans….

4. L - October 26, 2010

I won the contest… I was not a fan of Brit, so as soon as we got to L.A. I put the tickets up on Craigslist and got extra cash for the trip.

2 hours of concert time, or 2 fun filled days of LA? Too bad the site went out of business😦

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