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Update: 3 Editors and 24 Contributors on siliconANGLE.com – Open Source Approach to Profit Sharing April 10, 2009

Posted by John in social media.

I’m really happy with the recent activity around what was launched as a side project of mine – siliconANGLE.com.  As of today we have 3 editors: me, Mark Rizzn Hopkins, and Rex Dixon.  Even more exciting is that we have 24 contributors signed up to blog with us.

With the growth of siliconANGLE going strong, I am announcing that 70% of all the financial revenue from the blog will go back into the siliconANGLE group and team.  My goal is to reward the group with a big share in any profits so that the group can keep the mission alive – great people, great content, quality opinion and analysis.  In my model a great blogger can make a good living doing what they do best – riding the “real time wave” and serving up high quality content.

I want to personally thank Randy Adams and the searchme.com team for being the 1st corporate member of this community.  I have a few other proposals out for inaugural corporate members so I hope we hear from them.  Being a corporate member allows us to continue the mission and be a part of this new emerging community.

siliconANGLE is  not a boring group and I love the quality of the people involved.  As we say the best blog post in our community is on that has an Angle or Opinion with a capital O.


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