Suggest a Guest for Silicon Valley Friday Podcast Show

Silicon Valley Friday Podcast 

Silicon Valley Friday podcast is my rebooted podcast that I started in 2004 back to cover what’s going on in Silicon Valley and around the world focused in innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and business.

Silicon Valley Friday show is a weekly live broadcast radio-like program every Friday at 8am PST for 30-45min where we discuss the trends in technology and in Silicon Valley with a focus on the impact of technology.

Format:   Radio style with companion video (video is live and only available during broadchat at 8am pst Fridays)

Host and Guest format

Four (4) segments:

  1. Opening rundown of what will be discussed
  2. Topic 1 Segment:  Featured news or event to be discussed
  3. Topic 2:  Deeper dive into a trend, topic, or event
  4. Thinking Out Loud Segment:  This is anything that is on my mind off the cuff segment about what is happening in Silicon Valley.

Suggest a Guest for the Silicon Valley Friday show:  

If you think that someone is insightful and colorful and would be a good fit for the podcast send me a note.

DM me on Twitter at @Furrier

Thank you

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5 thoughts on “Suggest a Guest for Silicon Valley Friday Podcast Show”

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    David Shaw

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