Blackberry Storm Review “Power User Says Blackberry Storm “No Thanks” I’ll Wait

The big news this week is the Blackberry Storm. I’m even hearing radio spots all over the airwaves. That being said I am not a big Blackberry user so I got an email from a hard core Blackberry user. Here is the feedback from my Blackberry source:

I spent one hour with the Blackberry Storm this morning, and the bottom line is that I don’t like it.

Specifically, the deal-breaker is the typing experience, which is a nightmare compared to any regular full-keyboard Blackberry. Insofar as the comparison isn’t a conventional Blackberry, but rather the iPhone, it’s a closer call, and I may not be the right person to judge because I never liked the iPhone to begin with. However, from what I can tell thus far, the Storm falls short of the iPhone overall, even though it beats it in some aspects. It’s also the case that future software upgrades can change this equation. I will wait for the Blackberry 8900/Curve2 to upgrade (January).