CBS 2.0 – CBS Buys CNet – Expect CBS to Let CNET Run Things

CBS buys CNET as reported first by I need to digest the impact of this but off the top of my head this is clearly CBS 2.0 – the web2.0ifcation of CBS. I expect CBS to let the CNet folks lead the charge. It’s a public secret that there is some great talent at Cnet waiting for the ‘green light’ to compete. We’ve seen this with the recent moves by Dan Farber. Dan has successfully started CNet in the direction of blogging and social media. Charles Cooper is blogging hard and twittering. CNet has a group of Pros. CBS did good with this deal. If CBS tries to run the show then this could be a dud.

The big question that comes to mind that isn’t that obvious is “Can the West Coast Bay Area build and run media companies”?. There is talent here in the Bay Area, but is there a understanding of the business and economics? Why can’t West Coast Bay Area companies dominate from this coast?

I hope CNET can lead the CBS 2.0 charge.

UPDATE: My good pal Fred Davis has a post on how he sees the CNet CBS combination. Fred should know he was there from the beginning at CNet. I think that CBS did good here. The future of TV is the Internet and the original vision of CNet was to be that leader. Looks like the original vision was validated.