Crack Pipe Alert – Friendfeed iPhone Interface

Services like Twiter once again prove that addiction lives for Internet conversations. Then Friendfeed launches this year. Friendfeed is crack and now they launch the ‘crack pipe’ for their users. Friendfeed is addictive and their interface was mainly on PC. I’ve complained that their interface needs work and they have been busy on that but now they give us an iphone interface – the proverbial ‘crack pipe’ for internet conversation junkies.

Brett Taylor posts the news on the Friendfeed blog. He says “When you visit in your iPhone browser, you will get the new interface automatically”

The FriendFeed iPhone interface looks a lot like the standard FriendFeed interface, but the font sizes, graphics, and forms have been tweaked to make it easier to use on the iPhone.

If you decide you want the standard FriendFeed interface on your iPhone, you can get to it by clicking the “Normal (non-iPhone) interface” link at the bottom of any page. Your preference will be saved, so it’s easy to stick with the old interface if you choose to.

Friendfeed has a ton of potential but it poses a ‘job risk’. In talking to normal web users they think that Friendfeed is to distracting to getting their jobs done. For me it is a great way to track conversations.

Friendfeed will play (I think) a valuable role in the emerging social media marketing landscape. If they get their data sets correct they can pose a risk to algorithmic content and conversation search.

MG has a great writeup.

Twitter Implosion – Oppty for FriendFeed – FriendFeed Better Scale

In reading Jeremiah’s post on his meeting with the founder of Friendfeed it got me thinking.. If Jeremiah is interested in it then something is there (Jeremiah is a leading indicator of big trends) and two Friendfeed has an opportunity with the recent Twitter implosion.

I haven’t been all that jazzed about friendfeed. However I think that it has a big opportunity in light of the recent twitter implosion.

My advice to Friendfeed don’t overbuild the feature set, fix the UI, and make sure the site is NEVER down. If you do those things you will crush twitter.