iPhone Apps – Plug and Serve from NewsGator

I’ve been watching talking to big media companies about social media for many moon and one thing is clear – they want the best capability to get their stuff out there. Except they don’t want to invest a ton of money to validate the business model.

This is why Jeff Nolan’s post about NewsGator’s new service makes sense. Now companies can leverage their content feeds (plus add others) to deliver a solution to users on the iPhone.
By private labeling Newsgator service companies can deliver a fast iPhone app.

IPhone apps and soon to be Android apps will be the standard for portable computing.

Here at Jeff’s two reasons why he’s excited

There are two reasons why this is an exciting development. First and foremost, media brands have an absolute requirement to extend their presence to the places where people are consuming content and mobile is just one of those places. Building a better website is by itself no longer a strategy for expanding audience and advertising revenue, moving out to mobile is a compelling option for any media site, large or small. The iPhone has dramatically reshaped the mobile marketplace and it’s because of iTunes more than any other factor, we now have a merchandising mechanism for moving apps down the pipe to end users and this is hugely important.

The second reason this is exciting is that developing iPhone apps, or any mobile app for that matter, is complex and expensive. Go out and try to hire iPhone app developers today, good ones are very difficult to find and the market is super competitive, all of which conspire to make iPhone app development a steep hill to climb for media companies. They will invariably end up going with custom development that gives them little in the way of content control and then carries with it the risk of alienating their audience with a less than compelling application that they also have to support.

Our branded iPhone application program not only overcomes the challenges that media companies face with mobile app development, but we also host it for them and that removes a big operational challenge from their equation. We host it, provide our proven content management capabilities and all for a reasonable cost of a one time setup fee and a monthly hosting fee based on the number of downloads per month. We also handle insertion into iTunes App Store and have a best practices approach that clients can follow for predictable success.