Jeremiah Owyang Blog Turns 2 Years Old – He Shares His Secrets

Congrats to Jeremiah who’s blog turns 2 today. I hired Jeremiah when I was running PodTech because of his ability but also his vision.  My wife Linda and I value Jeremiah’s friendship since we both left PodTech.

Why I think Jeremiah is doing great work.  He practices what he preaches.  He’s pragmatic but tries new stuff.  Most importanly he shares, innovates, and listens.  At PodTech many thought Jermemiah shouldn’t be  blogging.  I stood my ground and supported Jeremiah because he was doing it right.  He supported my vision while others didn’t agree (I can’t wait to write the case study post on what really happened at PodTech).  I’m sure folks even at Forrester might say that Jeremiah is giving away valuable research that could be monetized…Sure thats and position someone can take, but I submit that Forrester will sell more research at higher prices by keeping the blogging going.. it build a community.  Congrats Jeremiah.

Here are some of his secrets.

Created focused content

Publish frequently

Think of readers first


“Productized” content

Have Passion