Online Video – Download, Plugins, and Client Software

Om Malik has an exclusive story about Joost moving away from downloadable client software to downloadable plugin for their proprietary video sharing platform.

From Om Malik at
In what is likely to be a major shift in the company’s strategy, peer-to-peer startup Joost is going to stop making its desktop client. The decision to suspend the client is likely to be announced soon, I am told. The company is going to a browser-only strategy, in which much of its content is going to be available through a browser-based player.

Joost, I am told, will release a small plugin that would embed itself in the browser and allow you to grab files using the P2P technologies. The web client is likely to have better quality than average video sites.

Update: Video and sreenshots of the new Joost service.

Om Malik’s Next Blog on Open Source OStatic

Congrats to Om Malik for expanding into another microcontent vertical – open source.  I really like Om and his team of investors at Giga OmniMedia not only are they professional but really hard working.  Om continues to drive the blogging business with another veritical while recovering from a heart attack.  Great to see.  You’ve got my support.

I support Om and his team but what people these days tend to overlook is how hard it is to start these businesses.  Wishing you the best Om.