Online Video The Big Secret – There are Problems – Can’t Handle Millions of Concurrent Users

It’s common knowledge that I’m very bullish on online video, but the numbers are so small.  Even reports of great success come on with Hulu there are some telling limitations. I like Hulu thay have great content (TV and other premium content), but there is very gaping hole in the market – a  ‘public secret’ in the online video world – The metric to watch is Number of Concurrent Users.  What is Hulu’s concurrent user number per day?

With the Olympics looming large it’s clear that live and downloadable programming is relevant but it’s still not good on the net.  Downloadable media is great, but to reach massive critial adoption online video needs to support millions and millions of concurrent users  (including both  live or downloadable video).

Downloadable video is successful because it doesn’t have the massive amount of concurrent users.  I’d be interested in knowing how many concurrent users Hulu has in their 100 million streams a month.  Is it long tail content or is it really popular.

Popular content (both Live and Downloadable) require massive concurrency.

This is the public secret most media companies can’t even handle 100k concurrent users.  This is a big bottleneck in the advancement of online video.