Chrome and OS? Yes Google Chrome is an OS

I posted on the day leading up to the Google Chrome announcement that it was an Operating System. Now a guy named Ted Dziuba (programming who worked at Google) says that people don’t know shit about this being an Operating System.

First of all a message to Ted. Nice try ( I have to differ having a degree in Computer Science in what oh Operating System Design) and Chrome is in fact and operating system or operating environment. By the classic definition maybe I can buy your argument but this is not about the classic definition. It’s about the future. The future operating environment where traditional elements are commodities.

I think that you need to look back at other environments to find some similarities. Outside of the common sense that Chrome is a platform for an operating environment of “new apps” I think that the networking stacks of the 80s is similar. I’m old enough to remember the ‘networking protocol’ wars (SNA, Decnet, TCP) and TCP replaced them all in the end. I would argue that this Chrome debated isn’t just about the classic definition of the Windows paradigm.

Chrome is an modern view of an Operating System.

For any environment if it quacks like an OS then it is an OS- Chrome at its core is a OS with a browser front end.