Podcast.com Has A New Look – Looks Like iTunes

Podcast.com has a new look and it looks a lot like iTunes. To me that is a good thing. The url is a great generic and presents and opportunity. I don’t think that they want to compete with iTunes but instead provide an alternative for hard core podcasters and possible a deal with Microsoft Zune. If I were Zune I’d do a deal with podcast.com and tie a device like Zune to it.

I spoke with Glenn Gaudet of Podcast.com and he told me that “Podcast.com is the leading podcast aggregation web site that contains over 75,000 podcast programs and over one million episodes of audio and video podcast content. As a result, it is quickly becoming the web location of choice for podcast consuming enthusiasts.”

Podcasts have become a popular message medium for companies to promote their message and educate the market. However, the challenge associated with podcasts is the lack of information about who is consuming the podcast. Traditionally, the only information a content producer could get from a podcast was the number of downloads.

Podcast.com solves this core challenge by allowing content producers to segment their content into “channels” that allow the content producer to incorporate a call-to-action offers such as a free white paper and also require the podcast consumer to answer demographic questions prior to consumption of the podcast.

This new service gives content producers strong analytical information about who is consuming their podcasts and can turn their podcasts into a lead generation program.

A channel on Podcast.com is a purchased location on the Podcast.com website that allows you to control the content and messaging. It also contains some powerful features such as:

• Lead Generation
• Analytics
• Search Engine Optimization
• Channel Banner Control
• Mobile Phone Publishing
• Channel Promotion

After years of quietly becoming mainstream podcasts have certainly hit a tipping point and are now mainstream. When you don’t here all the buzz around podcasts and see them on sites like ESPN and others you know podcasts are mainstream.

The big question is the business model and monetization for content owners and the ability or marketers to get their messages in front of targeted consumers.