Secrets of the Web 2.0 World – What Secrets? 2009 Prediction – Groups Become Productive

Wall Street Journal posts a story about the secrets of the web 2.0 world. The issue is “What Secrets?”.

Web 2.0 is a phenom that is disrupting all industries. The Social Web or whatever you call it has arrived. The idea that it’s just a marketing platform is only one thread of the benefits of Web 2.0. Sure having engaged users is great, but what about the impact on invention, learning, collaboration, user experience, new venture creation,.. etc. The Web 2.0 phenom will create massive change.

What Secrets?

Web 2.0 isn’t some unknown thing. Many think there are secrets but it’s pretty simple the web connects people and people work together. The core issue is that no one has figured out what it is and how to harness it. That is the public little secret. Many of my friends are building companies to enable this new discovery. The innovation will come from leveraging the web 2.0 platform to create new forms of apps (some may just be show up on the IPhone app store).

My prediction in 2009 is that you’ll see group productivity increase dramatically. As ‘trust’ becomes more central this year so will the relationship that bloom from it. That is where the productivity angle will kick in. Call social networks a ‘recession product’ or a new work tool – it will matter starting in 2009.

Web 2.0 is upon us in full force and the impact from work to play will be disruptive EXCEPT now will see it become known. The people who can harness it will win – from marketers to users to institutions.