Friends at NewsGator Are Having a Webinar on Content and Traffic Management

Newsgator is having a webinar on How To Enrich Your Web Content to Drive Traffic & Page Views. Jeff Nolan works there.

Interactive/Digital Media Content Providers, Advertising Managers, Business Development Managers, SEO and Web Traffic Specialists should attend.

Now is your chance to dramatically enrich the content on your site by adding NewsGator’s Related Content feature. This addition will give your audience a broader perspective around articles and an enhanced user experience while increasing your advertising revenue, traffic and page views.

NewsGator’s Related Content delivers high quality, relevant headlines on your article pages giving your audience a more comprehensive and informed view of a topic. You choose the sources; we search for contextually relevant content. So whether you are serving up additional headlines of your own content or from selected partners, NewsGator’s Related Content service will encourage your audience to keep clicking – driving increased web traffic and page views. With NewsGator’s service, you enhance your site’s content without relying upon expensive, traditional news sources. The related content also enhances your Search Engine Optimization by expanding page content and can include advertisements to boost your revenue.

Please join Walker Fenton, GM of NewsGator’s Media & Consumer Products, for this informative free webinar that will provide you with valuable insight into how our Related Content feature can improve your monetization and marketing goals as well as the end user’s experience on your properties.

This webinar will cover:

* How the Related Content feature works
* The different Related Content options available to you – related articles & topic pages
* Why adding this feature to your site allows you to tap into the industry’s largest database of RSS content
* How this service will increase ad inventory for new revenue streams and help you achieve significant ROI
* The other benefits of this feature, including: enhanced SEO, increased web traffic & page views, enriched content, a flexible pricing model, and diminished dependence on traditional news sources