SES not Optimized without Danny Sullivan – Hey Come to PodTech

danny-sullivan.jpgDanny Sullivan announced on his blog that he is leaving Seach Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies owned and operated by Incive Media. 

Danny is a legend in the search community from the early days.  In what some called the early days of blogging (before blog software) Danny was one of the first independent journalists to come out and dominate a niche.  As it turns out a kick-ass niche – “search”.  I remember Danny from my days when I founded Labrador Software then at Realnames.  I was actively involved with all the search engines and calls to Danny.  In 2000 I presented a keynote at Search Engine Watch with Craig Silverstein from Google and other search executives from Altavista, and Inktomi.  He was the leader in search journalism.

Danny will be remembered for pioneering independent search coverage and more importantly architecting and building the search community.  Best of luck to Danny in his new ventures.  More coverage here here and techmeme

Have a listen to Danny’s podcast called DailySearchCast.  In the spirit of Jason Calacannis PodTech has a job waiting for you. 

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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