Boston Startups – The energy is here in New England again

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Intel is investing in a British startup. This got me thinking about entrepreneurship and venture capital hubs.  Everyone is talking about global startups but alot of people are leaving Boston and New England out of the conversation.  Massachusetts (Boston) has always been a hot bed of technology startups and now it seems to be coming back.

The I am in Boston today actually Cambridge meeting with entrepreneurs and VCs.  This morning I met with David Beisel who is working at Venrock working with startups in Boston.  I’m really impressed with David he is an entrepreneur who understands the web.  He founded the Web Innovator Group in Boston which has been going strong for the past year.  The group gathers the best entrepreneurs from the New England area to socialize and look for funding.  David is also blogging at offering a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship here in Boston.

David’s next event is on July 9th this Monday at the Royal Sonesta hotel in Cambridge – right across the street from the Apple store where the top geeks camped out this past week.  I hope to attend and start filming Boston entrepreneurs on PodTech Network.

Here is a list of the companies presenting.

Featured Companies:

Companies doing demos:

Here are the attendees:

Boston startup scene is coming back strong!

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

5 thoughts on “Boston Startups – The energy is here in New England again”

  1. wow.. I had no Idea Boston had so many startups.. i guess I should know considering I have a blog about Internet Marketing Ideas but I didn’t.. thanks for the informative post.. why would the big VC’s be leaving boston out.. doesn’t make any since to me, but thats my opinion :p

    Sincerely, Cody Goodman

  2. It nice to hear that Boston has many Startups especially in New England. With new technologies and digital devices coming out every now and then, entrepreneurs must always meet and socialize. If I plan my trip to the US, I’m going to add Boston to my list of my top travel destinations.

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