Bringing back the podcast: Silicon Valley Friday Show; 11 Years Ago I signed up for this blog

11 years ago I signed up for this blog.  Saw the notification and reminded me that I miss doing my podcast when I founded years ago.  So I’m bringing my Silicon Valley podcast back in celebration of WordPress.

Show Notes


Broadcast Date: 10/28/16

Host:  John Furrier @furrier


Jeff Frick  @jefffrick

Dave Vellante @dvellante

Mentioned in show:  

AT&T, Time Warner, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, AWS, VMware, Shawn Price, Adrian Cockroft, Ignition Partners, David Richards, WanDisco, Sanjay Poonen, Google, Apple, ServiceNow, Andy Jassy, Pat Gelsinger, Oracle, Watson, IBM, IBM World of Watson, NFL, Bob Picciano, Quickbooks Connect, Tony Hawk, Shawn Price, Maggie Burke


Introduction / Welcome/Tease

  • AT&T Buys Time Warner
  • Earnings season

Other news:

  • Death of Shawn Price
  • Adrian Cockroft to AWS
  • Ignition Partners new office expanding in SV
  • UK tech company has boardroom brawl founder wins stays in control
  • Sanjay Poonen is COO at Vmware
  • Twitter is shutting down Vine
Segment 1:   Prime Topic

Earnings for big tech bellwethers

– Google hits with mobile ads

– Amazon misses but AWS just keeps rocking the house

– Twitter back on track and carrying a chip on their shoulder and good for them

– VMware retools with renewed cloud focus

– Linkedin  – $960m rev for quarter up 23%

– Apple down but still massive

– AWS cost structure


Tag:  AT&T and TimeWarner

Commercial break
Segment 2:

AT&T Buys Time Warner

  • Over the top content meets large network
  • Consumption for NFL is an example
  • New brands are emerging can this mega deal work?
  • Scaling Content?  Very Hard
Host:  Transition – Thinking Out Loud segment coming up next
Thinking Out Loud (1 or 2 soid points)

AI is not just artificial it’s augmented

Insight economy

WoW and Quickbooks Connect

Wrap up:
  • Show music composed and developed by Tyler Furrier

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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