1938 Media and Cnet Hookup – Dan Farber Says “It’s All About Shows”

Loren Feldman, who I saw as great talent, just signed with Cnet and Dan Farber to do some shows. This is an non-exclusive deal and Loren will be Loren on his own site as we have come to expect.

I’m sure CNet will have some fun with Loren. Here is Dan Farber talking about his views on video.. In Dan’s words “It’s about shows”..

Good luck Loren and have fun. Can’t wait to see you on my upcoming show called “Friday Night Lights” ..opps that’s a preannouncment

BlogHaus 2008 at Bellagio

I just landed at the PodTech Seagate BlogHaus 2008.  Got a ride at the airport from an entrepreneur Ajay Juneja the founder of Speak with Me Inc.  Ajay has the killer new technology that gets embedded in cars.  I’ll be talking to Ajay later. 

It’s the same location as last year in the Bellagio.   There will be filming going on and the video press will be here.  There is 30 mb uploading.  It’s the uploading station for CES video.  Last year BlogHaus put up over 750 video coverage post from CES.

If you want to get your voice and story on camera come by the BlogHaus.

I’ll be working here getting blog posts up as the night rolls on.  The BlogHaus opens at 4pm Sunday and will carry the Gates keynote on the video screens.  I’m sure CES coverage will be all over Techmeme.  There are already some good posts up there now.  Dean Takahashi is blogging hard. 

John’s Note:  I’ll be at the YouTube keynote and at the BlogHaus at the Bellagio (suite 6660).  I’ll be interviewing companies.  so email me if you want to come by.

CES Links:

Netgear shows 15 new networking products for the home

LG announces MPH TV – Content Everywhere

Fujitsu introduces new concept designs for devices.

Pioneer shows razor thin plasma TV

Microsoft Channel 10 is on the ground at CES.  Good group of producers.

Eric Savitz of Tech Trader, leading business blog, is all over the place with excellent coverage with a business angle.  Nice job Eric.  Toshiba holding strong on HD-DVD.  CES is getting green (bout time) with Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp in a venture on recycling old electronics.

Samsung Quad-HD – I wonder if Intel is excited since they have amazing quad core coming to the desktops and settop and hopefull TVtops.   My opinion: HiDef is the big trends that will make billions for the chip guys like Intel.

more to come..tons of flat screens and new stuff.