Online Video – Trends Content Models Advertising Models At NewTeeVee Live Event

I will be moderating a panel that is sponsored by Volomedia at NewTeeVee Live. It will be a workshop on content monetization at the NewTeeVee Live conference in San Francisco this Thursday, November 13 at 3pm.

The panel is titled “Pennies Today, Dollars Tomorrow: Learn How To Make Money In The Media Transition As Television Moves To The Internet“.

Pennies today, Dollars tomorrow. Learn how make money in the media transition as Television moves to the Internet.

As content moves from controlled programming to a decentralized, multi-platform distribution model, solutions are required to engage, measure and ultimately monetize this audience. The session will explore this cross-over from television to online and devices, and discuss opportunities while maintaining control of your digital distribution for the anywhere, anytime audience.


  • John Furrier, Founder,


  • George Ruiz, Head of New Media and SVP Business Affairs, International Creative Management
  • Susan Bratton, CEO and Co-Founder, Personal Life Media; Vice Chairman, Association for Downloadable Media
  • Murgesh Navar, Founder, VoloMedia
  • David Smith, Founder and CEO, Mediasmith

I hope to get to address the following types of questions

•    Environment:  real-time verses asynchronous, social network, web sites, blogs, podcasts, ..etc
•    Distribution:  reach, metrics
•    User:  Online content viewer, preferred method of consumption, how do you define good content?
•    Advertiser:  social media, engagement, loyalty, conversion?
•    Other:  iPhone, downloadable, streaming, content development, distribution systems, content franchises, affiliate models

Content Model
Value proposition of content online?  What is an example of a successful content franchise?

Value of content or value of brand?

Success models of content deployments

Content formula:  Speed and Control;
Speed:  (slow verses fast) and Control (high vs low)

Open distribution:  sampling verses giving away the ‘store’
Tasting (sampling) ?  SNL verses Olympics

Concept of a viewer?  Is it the same as broadcast?  Does the notion of a “viewer” matter online?

Is there risk in being open or is risk overstated?

Is there a ‘holy grail’ metric for content publishers?  Engagement, viewers/listeners, loyalty, commerce, ..etc ?

Content models:  ad supported verses subscription – are there any other kinds?

Business model:  is it just promotion or is there a “there there”?

Advertising Model

Are ad networks working?

What are advertisers looking for in the new tee vee environment?

Role of brands?  Is it about the brand?

Role of the agency?

What works what doesn’t work?

Audience engagement – what does it mean?  Benefits to advertisers?

When does an advertiser know when it’s working?  Are there identifiable tipping points out there?

How do they plan for future campaigns?

Budgeting and media buying of the future?

Here is a video of George Ruiz – Taken by Tim Street in LA. George is an agent and talent king and has been a successful film studio exec and negotiator.

NewTeeVee Conference – Insider Conference On New Media

This is a completely voluntary post by me to promote NewTeeVee’s event. I’ve put the logo on the site because they are doing great work in covering a new emerging sector. Blogging and professional coverage set by the standard Om built at GigaOm. Liz and team have very focused and relevant content when it comes to new TV models.

Want to know why Hulu is successful? Want to know why P2P might be a reality sooner than you think? What are the programming formulas online? What’s the big ‘real’ trends. How do you invest in this market online? What moves should you make? How do you make money?

All the holy grail questions will be raised. Answers maybe? It is definitely worth going. Here are some discount specials for late sign ups.


NewTeeVee Live is a must-attend event for anyone who develops, distributes, invests in or sells online media products and services. Last year’s conference sold out early and garnered rave reviews for it’s mix of influencers, tastemakers and media industry thought leaders who made the deals.

Come meet the senior executives from ABC, FOX, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Lucasfilm, Comcast, YouTube, Sling Media, Level 3, Microsoft, and more who are driving the decisions that effect the future of online video. Hear from the producers of hit shows CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and HEROES as they discuss how online video is changing the art of storytelling.

Also, we can’t leave out the biggest breakout video stars from online shows Fred, The Guild, What the Buck, Boing Boing TV, Alive in Baghdad and Ill Doctrine.

Be there this year as we ask the tough questions. Hear from the best business brains in online television as they answer your questions on what has worked for their business and what have been lessons learned.

NewTeeVee Live: Television Reinvented

November 13, 2008
Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA

Sponsorship Opportunities

Don’t just attend NewTeeVee Live this year. Get in front of this highly influential audience of digital media executives and be seen as a market leader. We can create a customized sponsorship package that fits your goals. Get in touch with Mike Sly at or call at 415-235-0358.

Here’s a selection of the speakers with whom you’ll want to meet up and swap ideas

  • Anthony Zuiker – Executive Producer, TV Show CSI
  • Reed Hastings – CEO, Netflix
  • Jason Kilar – CEO, Hulu
  • Jesse Alexander – Writer, Producer, TV Show HEROES
  • Alexis Rapo – VP, Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group
  • Hardie Tankersley – VP Online Content & Strategy, FOX Broadcasting
  • Blake Krikorian – CEO, Sling Media
  • Dan Beldy – Managing Partner, Steamboat Ventures
  • Miles Beckett – CEO, EQAL
  • Ben Ling – Director of Platforms and Syndication, YouTube
  • John Edwards – CEO, Move Networks
  • Mark Taylor – SVP, Emerging Opportunities, Content Markets, Level 3
  • David Verklin – CEO, Canoe Ventures
  • Eric Schmidt – Director of Media Delivery and Monetization Evangelism, Microsoft
  • Tania Yuki – Senior Product Manager, comScore
  • James Slavet – Partner, Greylock
  • Greg Douglass – Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, Accenture

We’ll be exploring the following topics

  • The truth about online video advertising
  • Bridging the gap between television and online
  • Online video investment trends
  • Managed versus unmanaged content
  • Live webcasts of major events: the inside story

Register Now

Take advantage of our Late Bird Special to celebrate the finalized speaker lineup. You’ll receive the Early Bird ticket price again (that’s $100 off). Get it until midnight October 31. Register now with code LATEBIRD.

Long Form Video is Good – Good Move YouTube

SAI is reporting that YouTube has finally moved to allow long form video – for now you have to be a partner to sign up.

It’s no secret that I have been a fan of long form video for a long time. I think that the future of online video advertising is ‘long form’ ads. In the Web 2.0 value proposition is around content. Content is king and now it will be in both long and short form on Youtube for the masses to enjoy. Ads will follow almost immediately.

The one problem that I have with YouTube is that the quality is horrible on the videos that I upload. Fix that and provide long form and you have the new TV platform.

As I have posted before YouTube is TV for everyone under 18. YouTube has a tremendous opportunity to not only be the resource for discovery of ‘new tv’ video but the presentation provider.

I am very bullish on YouTube. Their business development teams better get busy because a tsunami of deals will be flying in.

Video Ads are Here to Stay – What will they look like?

Blodget has a post on video advertising.  I’ve been working hard to get my advertising vision at PodTech to embrace this trend.  What is video advertising?  Short form youtube videos?  Infomercials?  Entertainment?  All of the above?

A new report by research-boutique Off The Record suggests that, after a couple of years of dabbling, big advertisers are now taking online video advertising seriously.  This is good news for traditional TV networks–Disney, Viacom (VIAB), News Corp (NWS)–and it’s good news for Google.  The report was based on 10 interviews with ad-agency execs conducted from Sept 21-Oct 4.

Key points:

  • Video ads growing faster than ad execs expected.
  • Video ads still account for only a tiny percentage of overall web ads but are expected to be the fastest growing category for the foreseeable future.
  • Auto and entertainment categories strongest, with good growth in consumer products, technology, and fast food.

For more check out Henry’s post.