Media 2.0 – Game Changing Content and Economics

I got many emails and one comment on what I mean by Media 2.0 in my post on the Apple Showtime event.  Maybe I should write a nice graph or meme or develop a conference series around it. 🙂  Personally I’m into technology that drives the development of Media 2.0. 

IMO the media 2.0 companies are the ones that change the game and think differently (no pun intended).  Apple from how they changed the licensing agreements with big players to free content in podcasting – they are pushing the envelope.  Google as a new ‘run time operating environment’ for the global internet (example today..changing the book industry now) .  Intel is a media 2.0 player.  New players are emerging and are listening to users.  They are designing their platforms on a ‘net centric’ archictecture not pc-centric ones.  All of them (Apple, Google, Intel) recognize the user behavior shift.  Users want stuff in a ‘new way’ – their way free, customized, and interactive.

Media is no longer medium driven – the medium is commodity it is the net; the content is the medium and technology platforms like Google provides ‘run time’ assembly of great content and services. 

Look at Microsoft in the early days when they tied the operating system with the application suite with the windows UI – they created great (huge) value – that move should go down in the history books as the greatest sustainable competitive advantage ever in business history.  I’ve always been a big fan of Microsoft for all that they have done but their world is changing fast some say is history. 

What Microsoft was in mid to late 1980s Google is now.  Google has the ‘eye of the tiger’ and they are young.  They want to change the world.  Google’s operating system is the net and they command a 85% share in search (estimated by web masters) which is the dominate user application on the planet.  The net is a global media platform.  It is a direct business model for anyone who has valuable content to offer (valuable is a relative term – value is in the eye of the beholder).  ‘On demand and search’ are two most powerful constants in the media 2.0 world and applications and services that revolve will dominate.  My prediction is that a ‘media stack’ will evolve similar to the OSI stack/model in networking industry in the 80s.  It’s a matter of time.

To me it is all about who has the best global platform that enables app development and consumption.  As Media 2.0 gets defined and evolves I’ll be watching platform services that enables relevant applications.  At PodTech we are looking for that platform because our apps (the media) are in demand and users want simpliciy, choice, relevance, coherency, trust, and quality.

I’m open to more ideas and comments on what media 2.0 is and will become.  email me john at podtech dot net or comment on this post.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

4 thoughts on “Media 2.0 – Game Changing Content and Economics”

  1. FWIW, the ability to communicate in a 3D way, via all the communications assets, strikes me as a base requirement. Look at Ch9 as a great example of leveraged assets.

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