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Hi my names is John Furrier. I love talking tech, entrepreneurship, and Silicon Valley.   I’m the cofounder and CEO of  SiliconANGLE Media with Dave Vellante and cohosting @theCUBE at all the top tech events.

My media journey started in the early days of the original web buidling our internet infrastructure around search and navigation.  Then found myself in the media world when I started podcasting in 2004 one of the original podcasters then.  I founded PodTech InfoTalk in 2004 and had a great run before taking venture capital and realizing along with the other funded podcasters that it wasn’t a venture fundable business.   We all failed to make a business out of it me, Evan Williams, Adam Curry, and others.   Evan went on to build Twitter and then Medium and I went on to found SiliconANGLE.

I wanted to get back into a regular podcast so I started getting a weekly podcast going to get into the groove again.  It’s posted on Soundcloud and iTunes and now I’ll post here .


16 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Technology Commentary, News, and Opinion”

  1. Good luck in your new venture with your wife Linda. I really enjoyed your podcasts when you started. I’m looking forward to hearing about your next move. In the meantime I really enjoy your blog. It’s not always breaking the news but the posts are deep and provocative.

    Evan Williams moved on from podcasting with Odeo and now we’re all looking forward to what you do next.

  2. Hey John,
    Saw your name in a comment at The Big Picture and remember you from Babson. I’m glad to see you’re doing so well…just thought I’d say hi in case you remember me from study groups a few lifetimes ago with Tom Aligheri and Rob Carbonaro. Take it easy.

  3. hy i am begginer internet marketer! i tried to find you on facebook, you are not there, want to join you in linked in too.
    want to ask few questions!
    thanks tom

  4. Skweezer, Inc. has just released a new AdSense alternative that provides mobile and desktop ads and I thought you might be interested in covering the story on Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


    Best regards,
    Donna Conmy
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  5. So…what’s a guy running a bootstrapped, 2 million visitor per month social question & answer site have to do to convince you we’re “newsworthy”?

    Fun Facts:
    1), 2 million visitors a month (July, 2008)
    2) Founder’s include Jeremy Goodrich, who worked on Yahoo Answers previously, and at InfoSearch Media, just prior to their acquisition of Answerbag
    3) Ericson Smith, co-founder, wrote askpert, which was used by the “uclue” q&a start up featured in TechCrunch
    4) Zero funding to date…who says you need funding for solid growth?
    5) Since inception (5+ years) the three co-founders have yet to see each other in person (who says you need to work together physically to get things done).

    Anyway…thanks for the consideration. And I agree, delicious 2.0 is irrelevant at this point.

  6. OMG. Please learn to write. Your grammar, syntax, and spelling are atrocious. For example, “influencial” is not a word. Influential is. And this blog has lived through three innovation cycles? the blog is a living entity? Obviously that’s not what you mean, but that’s what you are saying.
    Have you ever heard of Spell Check? They also make grammar checkers.

  7. [Disclaimer: This is unsolicited support for John Furrier; And we in Wyoming tell the truth and speak straight from the heart… no b.s. here…]
    John, from out here on the frontier of Wyoming, we operate Yellowstone International. has twice won the webby. We are an independent company, small with limited resources. I listened to many of your podcasts in 2005 from the Oregon Buttes on South Pass, above Lander. South Pass is where 400,000 emigrants traveled over the Continental Divide as they settled the West and/or sought to fulfill their gold fever.
    Imagine a small business owner like myself, camped out on South Pass, in a state that has 500,000 people (5 people/square mile) suddenly being privy to conversations with visionaries like yourself, Chris Anderson, Adam Curry and so many others. I truly credit those podcasts I was able to listen to as the vehicles that provided much of our vision and eventual success on the internet. Our site, and business, is not tax subsidized. It’s not a state tourism division or CVB with a sizeable budget. Still we’re able to do cutting edge work. At the time we listened to your early podcasts, our small team of 3 (myself, Ryan Johnson and Florian Herrmann), met one day in our small office in Lander, WY, and said, “let’s do 50 podcasts for our region.” During the next 4 months we traveled our Rocky Mountain-Greater Yellowstone region and produced 50 podcasts. From there, we added consumer-generated “Trip Notes”, videos, and went on to sweep the tourism website category of the Webby Awards in 2007. I will always be grateful to your podcasts, and would be your #1 fan. Your ability to question and interview is unmatched… and as a result, your questions and style brought a lot of additional great insights to each of your podcasts.

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