Moore’s Law in Journalism

I’ve known David Nordfords for a year now since I’ve been introduced to his “Innovation Journalism” research fellowship at Stanford.   He just posted a great writeup on what’s going on in journalism.  He post is Journalism Now Subject to Moore’s law

This is a must read post if you’re a blogger, journalism professional, or thinking of studying journalism.  Given that I have been thrust into the journalism field by way of founding and running PodTech (a media company) I have a slightly different addendum to David’s post.  (btw: I agree with him 110%).

Here is my thoughts.  What is to become of the journalism programs in higher education?  I studied computer science in the early 80s and I was part of that ‘first generation’ of programming languages (basically everything after punch cards).  I have never seen a punch card or used a punch card in my life.  The key to the computer industry is that they moved on.  No college or university was telling incoming students ‘hey we still use punch cards..”.  Computers and the science was about innovation and education.  Is this the same for journalism?

Are journalism schools saying “hey we don’t teach you how to work in a news room..”??? 

If journalism programs don’t innovate the new generation of students will find other avenues.  When I went to school no one wanted to program on ‘punch cards’. 


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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